Getting Fit In A Big City

If you expected to remain trim because there's so much walking to do in the major city you've just moved to, it may seem strange when your clothes start to feel tight. To avoid gaining even more weight, you need to assess your behavior and start adjusting things. With these pointers, getting fit in a big city isn't so hard.

Only Drink Water

With so many lattes, smoothies and other drinks available at any time in a major city, water might be the last beverage you'd choose to drink. While that may seem unimportant, remember that unlike other beverages, water has no sugar and no calories. That smoothie you love to have each morning may be delicious, but it could also be bad for your waistline; often you can't be sure of the calories and sugar you're even ingesting. Therefore, stick with water most of the time.

Skip Happy Hour

With so many bars and pubs around, dropping in for a few drinks with friends after work is easily done. Alcohol has no nutritional value, so any drink you take in isn't doing anything helpful for weight loss. But that's not all--when you're inebriated on an empty stomach, you'll be less likely to make smart choices about snacks and food. You may eat a lot of free pretzels at the bar or order a plate of nachos that has too many calories. If you want to have some drinks, ensure you have a good dinner beforehand. That will fill your belly and you might not be able to drink as much as you would otherwise.

Consider a Dog

Often, motivation is difficult even if you really want to avoid weight gain. If your lease allows for it, owning a dog could give you some companionship and get you up and out the door each day too. Walking a dog forces you to walk every single day; walking is a great slimming activity. Trips to dog parks and games of frisbee and catch are also great for exercise.

Make Time for Making Lunch

You may not want the hassle of making yourself lunch each day, and that's easy when you live in a city offering all kinds of cuisine all day. For instance, there might be a few food trucks really close to work that you frequent during the week. However, when you buy lunch, you may find yourself making poor, impulsive meal choices. Take the time each night to prepare your lunch; that way you'll know you're eating well.

You can get fit in any city if you remember these ideas. You might also want to be accountable to someone and seek a professional's help; a midtown east personal trainer can keep you motivated and show you how to best work your body for the results you want. 

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