3 Things You Can Do To Combat Muscle Pain After A Workout

You are passionate about staying in shape and keeping your body lean and strong, so you workout every chance you get. The only problem is, your workouts leave you with aching, tired muscles that put a real damper on the euphoria that should come along with being physically fit. If you experience muscle pain after hitting the gym, you are not alone. Many assume that if their muscles ache after they workout they must be getting older or their body is not healthy. However, there may be a few little changes you can make to combat muscle pain after a workout. 

Alter your diet to support your physical activity. 

Believe it or not, a lot of what you eat can have an effect on your muscles and how quickly they recover after a workout. Therefore, if you are pinching calories and skipping certain foods in an effort to stay fit, you could be making sore muscles worse by not giving your body what it needs. Complex proteins and fatty acids are two perfect examples of what you need to support your body's recovery after a workout. Both protein and fatty acids help rejuvenate your muscles and ward off soreness, so it is a good idea to consider supplementing what you could be missing from your diet. 

Utilize heat to combat problems with inflammation. 

After a vigorous and trying workout, your muscles are not just tired, they can also be inflamed. This is why heat is a good thing to help you ward off soreness after a workout. It is best not to use heat immediately after you leave the gym, but if you develop soreness later, you should use heat to help loosen those tired and achy muscles that could be a little inflamed. Alternatively, cold therapy can also be used if the heat doesn't seem to do the trick. 

Keep moving to prevent set-in soreness from developing. 

Have you ever noticed that you seem sorer after sitting still for a period of time after a workout or hard day of labor? This is because sitting still allows your muscles to become even tenser because they are not being worked. While you may not feel much like moving around if your body is achy and sore, it is actually for the best. So instead of chilling on the couch or taking a nap because your muscles are sore, what you should be doing is moving around, even if it is just walking around the house. 

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