How To Design A Weight Room In Your Garage

If you are a fitness enthusiast, then you might be interested in building a weight room in your home. A home gym is a great way to both save money and also have more flexibility with regard to the times you can actually exercise. If you're looking to exercise late at night, but the local gym is not open or is too far of a drive, then a home gym is perfect. However, building a home gym requires more than just some barbells and dumbbells. You will need to outfit your gym with the following.

Inlay Platform Weight Room Flooring

You need to lay down special flooring in your garage in order to turn it into a nice home gym. If you don't install special flooring, then the weights can damage the concrete in your garage. The basic type of flooring is going to include a type of special mat that will absorb the impact of the weights when they hit the floor. Even if you are not someone who plans on doing dead-lifts and dropping weights, you should have a mat installed. The budget, do it yourself versions include buying rolling mats or exercise mats and simply laying them out on the floor of your garage. However, if you are looking to build a really nice weight room, you should look into an inlay platform that has impact mats. These not only look better and more professional, but they have the advantage of being specifically designed for weight lifting and gyms.

A Power Rack

A home gym isn't complete without a power rack. These are large metal cages that allow you to do several different lifts by yourself, without spotters. You will be able to do an overhead press, bench press, and squat. The rack has safety pins, which function as a "spotter." This allows you to do a bench press, for instance, without having to have a second person there for protection. The rack also allows you to have heave weight in the air and do squats. These power racks are heavy and will not tip over when you are exercising.

Weight Racks

Finally, you should get weight racks. These are important because otherwise, your weights would be lying around the room which is both dangerous as well as sloppy looking. You should get tree stands for your barbell plates, and also get racks for your dumbbell weights.

Learn more about creating a quality weight room by finding a weight room flooring company in your area.

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If you are a fitness enthusiast, then you might be interested in building a weight room in your home. A home gym is a great way to both save money and