Getting Physical Therapy During A Pandemic: What To Expect

With the reality of pandemics looming over everybody's head right now, it can be understandable to be nervous about any interactions with other people. And if you are in need of physical therapy, you might be worried about what to expect or what can come of physical therapy. Get to know some of the things you might be able to expect from physical therapy during a pandemic. Then, you can be sure you are ready and willing to participate in your prescribed physical therapy.

Physical Therapy Can Be Done Via Telehealth

Telehealth is one of the greatest things to come out of the smartphone and technology age. Doctors are able to see patients even if they cannot do so in person, and people can get the care they need without leaving their homes. 

The same is true of physical therapy. It can be done via telehealth. Face-time physical therapy is an option you should discuss with your doctor. In the current pandemic, it should be relatively easy to find a physical therapy clinic willing to provide treatment by way of telehealth.

Be Sure You Have Everything You Need to Succeed

You will, of course, need to be especially dedicated to your treatment protocol if you are to not see your physical therapist in person every session. Be sure that you get the equipment necessary (if needed) such as stretch bands and the like. You can likely have those materials sent to you by the physical therapy clinic or pick them up at the front desk of the physical therapist's office.

Clear a dedicated space in your home for physical therapy calls, and then be ready to put in the work. Your physical therapist will guide you through stretches and exercises just as they would in person. Remember, you will be even more responsible for your recovery when doing telehealth physical therapy. 

You May Need to Go in Person at Least Once

Also, in spite of the availability of telehealth physical therapy, you may be required to go to the physical therapy clinic at least once for an appointment. At the initial appointment, for example, physical therapists often gauge where you are in the recovery process, the flexibility and strength in the affected area, and the like. This helps them create a treatment plan for you. 

As such, you may need to go in for that initial consultation and then do the rest of your physical therapy sessions via telehealth. 

Now that you know better what to expect from getting physical therapy during a pandemic, you can better plan and prepare if this is something you need now or in the future.

Contact a local physical therapist for more information about telehealth physical therapy.

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