Etiquette Rules To Be Aware Of In The Gym

Your first time visiting the gym can come with some anxiety. You may be a little worried that you won't know how to use the equipment, or that others might judge your workout for being too easy. But most of all, new gym-goers tend to worry that they'll violate some important gym etiquette guidelines without realizing it. Set those worries aside! This article will present the most important gym etiquette guidelines that you need to be aware of. If you adhere to these guidelines, you'll be in good shape.

1. Wipe down equipment after using it.

Most gyms will have bottles of sanitizing spray and paper towels for you to use. After you use a piece of equipment, give it a spritz, and wipe it down. This will prevent others from having to come into contact with your sweat or your germs.

2. Take turns.

If you're going to do multiple sets on a certain piece of equipment, do one set, and then step away while you rest. Let someone else use that equipment during your rest time. You can use it again while they rest. This is known as "working in." It is really only necessary when the gym is busy.

3. Put items back when you're done.

If you use free weights, put them back on the rack when you're finished with them. If you use a mat or a yoga ball, put it back where you found it. This keeps the gym tidy and makes it easier for others to find the items they need.

4. Don't blast your music.

It's totally fine to use your headphones to listen to music at the gym. Most people do! But do not blast your music straight out of your phone, and don't turn your headphones up so high that others can hear them.

5. Only give advice when asked.

Don't comment on someone else's form, workout routine, appearance, or habits unless they ask you for feedback or advice. Not only is this rude, but many gyms have a rule that only personal trainers are allowed to give training advice, and this would be a violation of that rule. 

After you go to the gym a few times, the etiquette will start to seem more familiar. Adhering to the guidelines above will become second nature. What's most important right now is that you get to the gym, have a good workout, and enjoy yourself.

For more information, contact a company like the YMCA of Coastal Georgia.

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