Planning On Becoming A Yoga Instructor? 4 Steps To Help You Prepare For The Training

If you've decided to embark on the path to become a yoga instructor, you're beginning a journey that will encompass your entire life. Yoga isn't about exercise, although it is an excellent form of exercise. Yoga is about life, and more importantly, how to find the center in your life. While training to become a yoga instructor, you'll be learning more about yourself, and how to communicate with your inner-spirit in a more intimate, and vital way. Yoga teacher training, or YTT, is grueling, but it's also enlightening. Here are four vital steps you can take to prepare yourself for YTT:

Give Your Mind and Body a Rest

While you're in training, your mind and body will be engaged in active learning all day long. While you might want to keep up on your yoga while you're waiting for your training to begin, you want to give your mind and body a rest. During training, you're going to be called on to push your mind and body in ways you might not have done before. You're going to need to have enough energy stored up to get you through your training. Go ahead and meditate and work on your asana, but don't go overboard.

Come to Terms with Yourself

YTT isn't just about perfecting your asana. It's about coming to terms with who you are, inside and out. While you're preparing for training, take the time to contemplate yourself. Go deep inside, and dig up those things that make you who you are; even the things you'd rather not deal with. The fact of the matter is that you're going to be dealing with them during YTT, so you might as well get started on the self-actualization now. You may go into the self-actualization frightened and apprehensive, but you'll come out the other side, determined and self-aware.

Don't Stress the Tests

Training isn't going to be all about practicing your poses and becoming more self-aware. There are going to be tests on those subjects. If you're someone who suffers from test-anxiety, put that aside. The tests you'll take during YTT will be geared towards making sure you're getting what you need to out of your training. They're not going to kick you out if you don't pass your tests. Just focus on the goal and you'll do just fine.

Seek Out Those Who Have Gone Before

If you're actively involved in yoga, you know that it's a community – a family. While you're preparing for YTT, take the time to seek out those who have gone before you. Learn what you can from the yoga instructors in your life. Utilize the wealth of information they've garnered from teaching people just like you. The information you receive from them will help you in your training, and beyond.

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