Why Try Yoga? Five Benefits

Yoga is steadily increasing in popularity as a workout regimen. However, if you've not tried the practice yet, it can remain mystifying and seem somewhat strange. However, learning more about yoga benefits--like those here--can help you start to see why so many people like and enjoy it.

Benefit #1: Better Flexibility and Strength

Flexibility might seem like something only dancers need, but flexibility can allow you to sidestep a crack in cement or bend properly to avoid slamming a body part into a piece of furniture. You may have noticed that you're not as flexible as you once were. Yoga can enhance flexibility.

This is partly because yoga isn't just idle stretching; the poses were formulated specifically to work certain muscles in a certain way. After learning some poses and training your body, you'll find you're more flexible and stronger.

Benefit #2: Better Heart Health

Yoga tends to be great for toning all muscles, including the heart. In fact, some evidence exists that a solid yoga practice could affect many factors which end up reducing the risk for heart-related disease. For example, you may enjoy lower cholesterol levels or lower blood pressure after regular practice.

Benefit #3: Better Mood

The stretches and deep breaths involved in yoga sessions are calming for many people. Not only that, but numerous studies have reported that some people have an increase of serotonin, the neurotransmitter most associated with a positive mood. You might experience such a benefit after just one session.

Benefit #4: Better Thinking

If you'd like to be smarter, yoga may be the solution for you. Yoga can stimulate and improve brain function after just 20 minutes. This is due in part to increased blood circulation.

Benefit #5: Better Eating

If you're someone who struggles with cravings and eating too much of foods that you know aren't healthy, yoga could be a major help. A continued yoga practice will make you more aware of your breath at first, but ultimately more in tune with your body as a whole and its needs. You may find that you pay more attention to the food that enters your body and how it makes you feel and affects your breath and muscles. Healthier foods tend to fuel the body better than junk food, so you're more likely to notice that difference and make choices accordingly.

Investigate and try the different types of yoga until you find one that best fits your physical abilities and personality. Yoga teachers can be a resource as well. Contact a company like la.events.yoga for more information and assistance. 

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